BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)

Best Logistics College in Ernakulam, Thodupuzha and Oddanchatram

flywings international, college of management studies has been acknowledged as the best BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) in Ernakulm Kerala since it helps hundreds of students to get training for University courses for landing in their dream job. flywings offers training for BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management). Students are enrolled in University.

Course Duration

BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) is a three year U G programme.


Flywings College boasts a team of highly capable and dedicated instructors in Logistics & Shipping Management.


flywings college students secured excellent result in the previous year for University courses and the results is BBA Logistics & Shipping – 100%.


flywings provides genuine placement assistances to our students for getting placements in sectors like Logistics, Supply Chain,Shipping industries and ports.

flywings international College is being contacted by prominent Logistics & Shipping companies and HR heads for getting talented, enthusiastic professionals candidates to meet their needs and we are proud of our students that they are meeting the need of the Logistics companies and we are sure that they will make us proud in future too. And we are also proud about our former students who are well placed in different Logistics, Shipping industries and Ports as unavoidable staff.


Eligibility for admission to the course is Higher Secondary certificate (10+2) from a recognized board.

Best Course after Plus Two

BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) is recommended as best course after Plus Two for the Candidate who are seeking to shape their careerin managerial responsibility for a handsome salary and social status.

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Job opportunities, Salary level and Scope of BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management)

BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) is best suited for those who are seeking to shape their careerin managerial responsibility. This course essentially covering the concept and processes involved in logistics related domains such as transportation, shipment and others.

The curriculum is designed with the aim of familiarizing students with the inner working of the business world.

The course offered from flywings college is suited to the candidates who are dreaming of job as Analyst/ Consultant, Vehicle Fleet Manager, Customer Service Manager, Distribution Centre Officer, Inventory Control Manager, Production Manager, Purchasing Manager, Freight Coordinator, Cargo Operations Specialist, Import & Export Agent Academic of Logistics Management.

The field of Logistics & Supply Chain Management is very vast. Logistics & Supply Chain Management sector will never be affected with any Pandemic or natural calamities.

After completion of these courses it will enable you to get handsome salary. Marine Co-ordinate, Purchasing Marine officer, shipping consultant that some of the job profiles which the graduates can dream for and land in.

BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) education courses that focuses on the logistics sector. The course covers General Management and Business Administration lessons focused in specialized areas in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Sector. With the various opportunities available in the industry Logistics & Supply Chain Management can be very advantageous career options. If you pursue your further studies at flywings an excellent destination for Logistics & Supply Chain Management. When our country declared complete lockdown in India all areas are adversely affected. However Logistics & Supply Chain Management sector stood firmly because exports and imports cannot be stopped fully.

Even if countries seal borders to prevent the spread of flu like virus logistics business lines operational even in the lockdown. Logistics is the backbone of global economy. If logistics stops human beings cannot survive. Manufactures and traders will not able to function. It is mandatory for multinational companies to transport raw materials / finished products from one country to another. Therefore countries developed existing ports/new ports logistics hubs and cargo terminals all over the world. The students those who complete successfully the logistics studies will be able to get jobs in these areas.

flywings college realizes the fact that the demand for goods has always been increasing and this trend will continue with the emergence of globalization. Countries have liberalized the logistics movements in all the markets worldwide. It opened lakhs of job opportunities in worldwide.

The trained, talented logisticians of our institution are recruited from our institutions to meet the global need. In the recent lockdown due to Covid-19 Pandemic the entire world was struck even in the world crisis situation logistics and shipping sector has been functioning smoothly worldwide as if nothing happened.

BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) certificate holders also stand good chance of getting some of the dream jobs as airline Cargo section, Transportation and Shipment. There are lot of job opportunities in gulf countries for BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) holders.

The completion of Vizhinjam Project and Vallarpadam will definitely open thousands of job opportunities in Logistics & Supply Chain Management field. All these jobs guarantee high salaries and excellent social status.

Logistics & Supply Chain Management is trendy course. There are so many job opportunities office field. So girls also prefer to pursue this course. After having completed BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) course candidates can do MBA (Master of Business Administration) which will guarantee highly paid job with good social status.

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Admission Procedure
for 2024-25

Candidates are requested to follow the guidelines in the prospects.

  • Durations

    Durations: 3 years/ 6 Semester

  • Durations

    Eligibility: Plus Two (+2)

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