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Best BBA Aviation College in Kochi, Thodupuzha and Oddanchatram.

flywings international, college of management studies has been acknowledged as the best BBA Aviation College in Ernakulm, Thodupuzha Kerala since it helps hundreds of students to get training for BBA Aviation University courses for landing in their dream job and also flywings college has been acknowledged and awarded as the number one Airline academy in Kerala in South India. Flywings international College of management studies provides Government University certificates for BBA Aviation (Airline and Airport Management). So this degree certificate is globally accepted.


flywings offers training for BBA (Airline & Airport Management). BBA (Airline & Airport Management) is a 3 year/6 Semesters Collaborative U G programme of GOVT. University in Semester pattern mode.


BBA (Airline & Airport Management) Certificate will be issued by GOVT. University as per the university regulations.

Collaborative programmes are unique introduced as need based skill oriented specialized courses.

Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment is an exclusive feature of Collaborative programmes. 25% marks are awarded on the basis of internal test, assignments, Class test & Seminars conducted by the faculty concerned in our college. Remaining 75% marks will be awarded on the basis of written examination conducted by University at the end of every semester.


Candidate must complete course duration to appear for the university examination. Examination will be conducted with concurrence of Controller of Examinations as per the GOVT. University regulations.


flywings college student’s secured excellent result in the previous year for University courses and the result of BBA Aviation – 94%. So flywings college is highly recommended institution for Airline studies.


flywings College has a team of highly efficient, qualified, competent and committed lecturers in all subjects.


Eligibility for admission to the course is Higher Secondary certificate (10+2) from a recognized board.

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This course covers three main areas of airline industry.

Airport strategic Management

Here, the students will learn about the full function of an airport, including terminal management, functions of various air traffic control systems, various runways and Navigation aids etc.

Airport and Airline Marketing Management

This will give a comprehensive insight to students on how to conduct Airport and Airline marketing in order to make both more profitable.

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Aviation industry has a very rigid maintenance programme of all flying machines. Here the students will get a thorough knowledge about different maintenance schedules and how to manage it according to Aviation Technical manual.

Best Course after Plus Two

BBA Aviation / Airline and Airport Management is recommended as best course after Plus Two for the Candidate those who have a well pleasing personality with good communication skill.

In a nut shell, BBA course in Aviation Management/ Airline & Airport Management will give the students a fair chance in acquiring Airline and Airport jobs. It is a good news that the Airline industry is growing at good expanse and more and more Airport are coming up. There by creating more job opportunities. Successful candidates can do the further studies in MBA is a more attraction of this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the scope of BBA airline and Airport Management?

The scope of BBA in Airline and Airport Management is vast and diverse. This program equips students with a range of skills related to airline and airport operations, including passenger handling, cargo management, safety and security, ticketing and reservations, and customer service. Graduates can pursue career opportunities in various sectors such as airlines, airports, travel and tourism, hospitality, and logistics. They can take up roles like airport manager, airline operations manager, cargo supervisor, customer service agent, flight coordinator, and ground handling staff. Additionally, students can also opt for higher education in fields like aviation management, transportation management, and airport operations.

2. Is Airline and Airport Management suitable career for girls?

Yes, Airline and Airport Management is a suitable career option for girls. The aviation industry has been breaking gender stereotypes and welcoming more women in various roles. With the increasing number of women travellers and the industry's growth, there is a demand for female professionals in diverse roles such as pilots, air traffic controllers, airport managers, customer service agents, cabin crew and ground handling staff. Moreover, several airlines and airports have implemented policies to support and encourage women's participation in the industry. Therefore, girls can consider Airline and Airport Management as a lucrative and fulfilling career option.

3. Is BBA Airline and Airport Management a valid Degree?

Yes, BBA in Airline and Airport Management is a valid degree. It is a three-year undergraduate program that covers the fundamentals of management, airport and airline operations, passenger and cargo handling, safety and security, and customer service. The degree is offered by many reputed universities and institutions globally, which are recognized by the regulatory bodies such as UGC, PSC & UPSC. Graduates with this degree can pursue a range of career opportunities in the aviation industry, including airlines, airports, travel and tourism, and hospitality. Moreover, students can also opt for higher education or specialization in fields like aviation management, airport operations, and transportation management.

4. What is the salary for airline job in India?

The salary for airline jobs in India per annum varies depending on the job role, company, and experience level. For entry-level roles such as customer service agents and ground handling staff, the annual salary can range from INR 2 lakhs to INR 3 lakhs. For mid-level roles like airline operations manager, cargo supervisor, and flight coordinator, the annual salary can range from INR 5 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs. For senior-level roles such as airport manager, aviation director, and airline CEO, the annual salary can range from INR 12 lakhs to several crores. However, these figures are approximate and can vary based on various factors.

The salary for cabin crew in different airlines per year varies depending on various factors such as the airline's location, type of airline, job role, experience level, and seniority. In India, the annual salary for entry-level cabin crew can range from INR 3 lakhs to INR 4.8 lakhs. For mid-level roles like senior cabin crew and in-flight managers, the annual salary can range from INR 7.2 lakhs to INR 12 lakhs. For senior-level roles like chief cabin crew and in-flight supervisors, the annual salary can range from INR 18 lakhs to INR 36 lakhs. However, these figures are approximate and can vary based on various factors. Additionally, several airlines offer other benefits such as medical insurance, travel allowances, and incentives.

5. Is Maths compulsory for Airport Management course?

No, Maths is not always compulsory for Airport Management courses, but it is usually recommended or preferred by some universities or institutions. Some aspects of airport management, such as revenue management, finance, and logistics, require mathematical knowledge and skills. Therefore, candidates who have a good grasp of maths are at an advantage in the selection process. However, many universities also accept candidates with non-mathematical backgrounds and provide basic mathematical training as a part of the curriculum. It is advisable to check the admission requirements of the university or institution before applying to know if maths is compulsory or not.

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    Durations: 3 years/ 6 Semester

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    Eligibility: Plus Two (+2)

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